Teaching Philosophy

Throughout my career as a student, the best way for me to learn and communicate is to have simplistic illustrations of complex ideas. Focusing on the bigger picture first, and then filling in the details later. My holistic perspective on learning has served me throughout my educational journey with the help of dedicated teachers. I believe that there are three critical elements of education. (1) Every student and teacher interaction is unique. (2) Every student should have a choice on how they are taught. (3) Every student should feel safe and welcomed.  My goal for students is to teach them how to develop critical-thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and develop social awareness. These are the foundations of mathematical and scientific inquiry and the ability to empathize with diverse backgrounds.

Subjects Taught as

Teaching Assistant (TA)

  • Probability and Statistics

  • Linear Algebra

  • Calculus

  • Vector Calculus

  • Differential Equations

Workshops Taught

  • Python

  • R

  • Matlab

  • LaTeX


  • C++

Selected Student

Anonymous Evaluations 


  • "He provided similar examples to improve our perspective of the topic. Since we provided a different approach to a topic, we were able to choose which one works better for us and learn more."

  • "It's interesting to see how much application statistics has to the real world and how often it is brought up!"

  • "Alex did a great job for what he was given. He was given a class of 30-40 students (times by how many sections he has) who never coded in R, or in general a day in their life. He was able to teach all of us all, at least the basics of R, and teach it well. He was very open to questions every class period and would answer every question to the best of his ability. He did a great job showing us good resources to use for our homework, and projects to help further our progression. Finally, his comments on our assignments were very helpful for me, as many T.A's will give you a blanket grade with no real substance, where Alex gave you exactly where he took points and why. This made understanding the material very easy."

  • "I appreciate his awkward humor."

  • "Alex is very helpful in discussions. Without his review and clarifications, it would be much more difficult to understand the concepts from lecture."

  • "Funny puns"

  • "Effective TA overall and succeeded in teaching us how to solve mathematical problems."

  • "Very approachable. I liked how he went over questions in class and gave lots of examples."

  • "He was very approachable and was willing to adjust the teaching format to help the class better understand the material."

  • "Alex was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the course. He had a great sense of humor too."

  • "Very approachable and kind. He taught us many of the topics in homework that were assigned too early, as well as quizzes".

Selected Student

Anonymous Evaluations


  • "The instructor could be more clear on the mistakes we were making and how to fix them." 

    • My response: I improved by giving more detailed feedback on student's quizzes.

  • "Needs to write neater. His writing looked like chicken scratch. I couldn't read what he was writing without asking him or others around me."

    • My response: I made sure that my penmanship on writing math equations and plots on the whiteboard are clear.

  • "Give us a real teacher please this online course is disgusting."

    • My response: This one is a bit harsh but I figured that some students are having difficulty navigating online materials. So, I strive to give clear instructions on how to access online materials.

  • "Could improve on humor at times"

    • My response: Yeah, well, it could be better I agree.

  • "Alex if you're reading this, get some more sleep"

    • My response: Thank you! I did try to get more sleep.

  • "Something is not right when you have to go home and watch youtube videos to understand the material!"

    • My response: I strive to give diverse examples and different approaches to explaining a concept.

  • "I think that switching the office hours all the time isn't cool, but we are living in crazy times so... I am willing to overlook that." 

    • My response: I did reschedule my office hours a few times in Spring 2020 due to personal reasons. I made sure that I respond to student's questions on the course's online platform and through email.